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What Are “Fake Offers”?

Below we are going to discuss what a “fake offer” is and why you guys should not believe everything you see on social media in regards to recruiting. I hope this can help!  


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So technically you cannot receive an official scholarship offer until the summer before your junior year… so all of this early recruiting BS that you see is what you would deem a “fake offer”. Now some of you might be thinking, well coach “I know this 8th grader who has a Georgia offer” or “I know this freshman who has an Oregon offer”. And I’m here to tell you right now that it’s complete BS. Listen, they might be 6’2 200lbs and run a 4.5 40yd dash…. But a lot can happen in 2-3 years that will change that colleges mind. Any “offer” a kid receives before his Junior year is a verbal offer or a “potential” offer. It’s essentially, “hey we think you’re really good, so if you’re really good in a few years we will have a roster spot for you”. But honestly, isn’t that true for every 8th grader in the nation? If you’re good enough to play for Alabama, don’t you think they would also have a roster spot for you? Maybe you just developed later than everyone else but you’re still that caliber of a player as a Junior… that school is still going to want you. Also, you might see some kids who aren’t very good receiving some “exposure” or verbal offers. Now when that happens, and I didn’t know this until a college coach spoke with me about this, some college coaches will take payment from parents to give their son an “offer”. You can pay anywhere from $2k-$5k for a verbal offer from an assistant coach. It’s a total scam. Parents think that it makes their kid look good but the best part about football is that the film doesn’t lie. It’s The reason I tell you this is so you don’t get discouraged and put your head in the wrong place. If you see all these kids getting offers at your age and you’re wondering what you can do to receive those offers too… you’re thinking about the wrong things. You need to focus on developing your skills, getting faster, getting stronger and constantly striving to be better so you can start on varsity as soon as possible. Because without varsity film, all of these “early recruiting offers” mean absolutely nothing when their Junior year rolls around. Don’t buy into the hype. Focus on your lane and what you need to do to get better. 

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