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What Can QBs Do Whenever Nobody Wants To Throw?

This is a very common thing especially at the high school level and I get this question a lot. The hardest workers on the field have to be the QBs. If the QB isn’t working hard it reflects on the team. But sometimes people will not want to come out and catch or run for you so you have to work on your own. But you can still accomplish a lot.

You can take an unlimited number of drops. If you know you need better footwork, you should be taking 25-50 3 step, 5 step, and quick game drops daily to improve your skills. If you have access to a resistance band you can attach that to a fence or something of that nature and drop with that to work your speed. Also, QBs can don ANY footwork drill by themselves. You don’t need any WRs for that either. As a QB you need to fall in love with the lonely work. It’s not just throwing routes and sitting in a clean pocket. QBs should be working out twice a day often. There is just too much to work on. And if you have any kind of net, you should be throwing into that anytime WRs can’t make it out.

Now for your mechanics, I tell all of my guys this. You stand in front of a mirror and you do 100-200 reps of mirror work. You go through your throwing motion. You can do it with no ball, a weighted smaller ball, or just a normal football. Work your mechanics and stroke. You can work your lower half and upper half. It takes 1,000 reps to break a bad habit and 10,000 reps to master a task. If you do 100-200 reps a day you will be there in less than two weeks. It is not that hard.

And then obviously, QBs should be studying film everyday. If it’s not during the season study tape from last season or coverages or NFL players to see how they navigate. Don’t just sit there and do nothing because nobody wants to throw with you. That is a lame excuse and is the reason why so many QBs fail. You need to do the lonely work. It’s not flashy But it accomplishes a lot more than you think.

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