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What College Camps Should You Attend

I get this question a lot and it really depends on the player. If you are a guy who is getting recruited you need to go to camps for the school that is recruiting you but they need to be aware that you are going. They will look for you and start to pay attention to you. Another camp series you should go to is the Nike camp series with the opening. It’s a great camp for exposure to a lot of talented coaches, college coaches and it’s a good place to get your times/measurables. If you’re a recruitable guy I wouldn’t waste your time with these satellite camps that 500 kids go to.  Now, if you’re a guy who isn’t currently being recruited, you need to attend the rivals camp series or some sort of combine that accepts people with little to no film and it’s not by invitation. That’s a great place to get your times and measurables so you can show college coaches them. Now for college camps, you should go to camps where many schools attend. So if a smaller D3 school has a camp and 2 division 1 schools come out to run it, you get the eyeballs of three different schools rather than just one. Those are the camps I believe you should attend this off season.

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