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What College Coaches Look For In WRs

There are 3 things that we believe every college coach wants to see in a WR, that is what we will be discussing below!

1)- The first thing every college coach wants to see in a WR is speed, if you can have speed you can stand out. And I’m not talking about 40 time speed. I am talking about live game speed that you show on your highlight tape. Your speed and explosiveness is developed through explosive workouts. So during the off season that’s what you want to stress. You want to stress doing powerful movements in the gym and explosive workouts on the field. As a WR it is tough being slow, hard to get noticed if you are just flat out slow. If you are average speed it is still possible to earn a scholarship but you need some other attributes that we are gong to discuss below.

If you guys need to get faster, checkout the link below where you can get a 12 week WR gym specific workout plan to improve your speed, explosiveness and power ⬇️⬇️

2)- Second thing college coaches want to see are big plays on your highlight tape where you create separation. So this is where your route running comes into play. They want see you create separation vs. press, vs. zone & extend the play after the catch. For example, I think the best possible first play on your highlight tape would be you running a great slant route vs. inside shade press- you display you know how to get separation against this look- and you catch the ball and run 80yds for a TD. That’s what college coaches want as a WR, they want a playmaker.

3)- Last but not least, college coaches want to see you make the tough catches. They don’t want to see the routine catch on a hitch route. They want to see you win a jump ball, go make a catch in traffic etc. That can help you gain the attention of scouts, especially at a camp

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