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What Colleges Look For In WRs

College Coaches all love a great WR. They are HUGE for an offenses success. But what do they exactly look for in a WR?

All collegiate WRs have one thing that separates them. They have a skill or an attribute that makes them better than the other guys on the roster. If you struggle to find that skill you need to figure out what you are good at and double down on that. College coaches would rather see a guy who is amazing at one aspect and average at the rest than one guy who is just average at everything because he focuses on too many things.

Lastly, college coaches look for WRs who can block. They are a HUGE asset. If you can’t block, you can’t play college ball. They don’t care how many touchdowns you scored in your 7on7 tournaments this year. They want a guy who will do the dirty work and get physical. The college recruiting process is tricky, but if you can master these two aspects you will get recruited.

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