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Below we will be discussing what D1 coaches look for in WRs. I hope this can help you out! 


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1)- Speed. To play college football at the highest possible level you need speed. You will be matching up against some of the fastest players on the field in defensive backs- so to hang with them- you need some speed in your game. In the off season I would train your running mechanics, explosive fast twitch fibers & do any kind of resistance training.

2)- Explosive playmakers. This has a lot to do with your highlight tape. Your film is how you get recruited 99% of the time. You need to understand that WR is one of the most competitive positions on the field. Everyone wants to play WR- so your film needs to separate you from the rest. On film you need explosive plays like taking a slant 80yds for a TD or breaking a tackle/juking someone for a TD. Those types of plays stand out to a D1 coach. Not a basic wide open post route where you just ran past a DB. D1 college coaches want to see explosive plays.

3)- Hands & speed in/out of breaks. This basically means your skills at the position. Coaches want to see players who can catch everything. On your film you should include jump ball catches, diving catches, catches in traffic etc. College coaches love seeing those plays.

Now your route running is also important. The speed you have in and out of breaks is key for separation at the next level. All offenses are switching to the spread or air raid system. This creates a lot of 1on1 and creative route running opportunities for WRs. So route running needs to be heavily prioritized in the off season, especially if you are on the smaller side/lack some athleticism

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