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Below we will be discussing one of the craziest phenomenons of the modern day college football recruiting world… Fake Offers. AKA non committable offers. I hope this can shed some light on the situation and the reason why you see so many kids without varsity film getting “exposure”. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on this matter. 

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So what is a non committable offer? It’s exactly how it sounds-it is a fake scholarship offer from a college that you cannot commit on. So just about every offer you see before a recruits junior year is a non committable offer because technically you are not supposed to receive a legitimate offer until that time. That’s an actual rule- so why do we see all of these “offers” on social media. Sometimes they are legit, you may have a kid in a big market city like Los Angeles or Miami and they might be the best damn player around for their age. Usually those are like “potential offers”. The college is essentially saying “we think you can be really good so we are going to give you a verbal offer so you remember us 2 years from now as one of the first schools to recruit you”. This is a very rare occurrence- a lot of assistant coaches aren’t even aloud to recruit a kid before their junior year. The head coach or coordinator is the only one allowed to recruit before the junior year- if it is legitimate. And by legitimate I mean real interest, not hype or paid promotion. I was speaking with a college coach a few weeks ago and we got on this topic- he coaches high level PAC-12 football. On his staff they only offer Juniors and above but he told me that there is a lot of recruiting going on based on payment of assistant coaches. This shocked me, I was absolutely stunned. But we have all see those players… “man that guy sucks how does he have a D1 offer” “Im way better than that kid where is my offer”. In those situations 99% of the time it’s all about hype or money. There are legitimate people who pay colleges coaches  x amount of money under the table to “offer” their son. Hoping that he gets exposure or interest- guess what happens to that offer in 2 years…. It’s FAKE. It’s not real- assistant coaches aren’t even authorized to give out real offers without clearing it by the head coach. Players want hype and sometimes the school will offer an 8th grader because it brings headlines/attention AKA more people attend their camp AKA more money in their pocket. It’s complete crap and it’s all about exposure. I don’t write this to ridicule the kids or parents I write this to inform those kids who don’t cut corners that they need to keep working and let their highlight tape speak for themselves. Don’t worry about anybody else getting offers and not you. There is plenty of success and scholarships to go around. Stay in your lane and ignore the noise.

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