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What Kills QBs

The worst thing a QB can do is try to do too much. They try to force the ball or win the game on a single play. That’s something you cannot be thinking about as a QB. You need to be focused on your job at all times. The QB position can feel very lonely at times but at other times you have all of the support in the world so you should use it. Don’t sit back and think that you don’t have 10 other guys on the field that want to win as bad as you do. A lot of QBs think its them against the defense. Not realizing 10 dudes got their back. You need to rely on them as much as they rely on you. Now maybe your teammates aren’t the skill level you are or vice versa, that’s when you have to set the standard in the locker room. Set the expectations of how it’s going to be on the field. That’s when great teams come together. They will play unselfish football and then start to win games. All great QBs have had a good supporting cast. That’s what you need to win at especially the highest level. Play for your teammates and rely on your teammates. But it comes from setting the expectations early in the summer. That’s what you guys should be doing right now.

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