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What Makes A Successful Athlete

Repetition is the key to improvement. The amount of reps that you have to do to get out of a bad habit is in the thousands. See a lot of people like doing the cool drills and posting the videos but what happens when you are alone, no coaches, no friends around? Do you continue to put the work in or do you only do it when people are there? That’s what makes a successful athlete. Doing the lonely work. QBs for example who have bad throwing mechanics. They say you need to do 1,000 reps to break a bad habit and 10,000 to master the skill. But if you’re only doing 50-100 reps a week, change will not happen. Do something everyday for it. Same thing with football IQ, if you aren’t watching film constantly, you won’t get the concepts. But how do you know what to look for and how to watch film? That’s exactly what I offer to you. Check out the link below to see what you could be getting 👇🏻

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