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What QBs You Should Study

I get this question asked a lot. “I’m ___ height and weight, who should I study” and that depends on a lot of different variables but these are the best guys I would recommend. If you are on the taller side of things and you are a pocket passer I think you can’t go wrong with studying Tom Brady. How he’s able to move in the pocket and be relaxed is textbook. Not being the best athlete physically but at the QB position the athleticism he has is all you need and the 6 rings show. Now if you are on the taller side but can move around I would recommend watching Lamar Jackson. He is 6’3 and probably runs a sub 4.4 Nobody is like him. The way he is able to extend plays is second to none except maybe Patrick Mahomes who is another guy I would suggest taking a look at. Now if you’re a sub 6’0 QB I would study Drew Brees if you’re a pocket guy and Russell Wilson if you’re a dual threat. Probably the two best short QBs to ever do it. Another thing QBs should be studying is defenses. You should almost know a defense better than your offense. If you want to learn how to read coverages click the link below! ⬇️

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