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What To Expect At College Camps

When you attend a college camp you can expect a few things to happen. You want to expect combine workouts, skill drills and 1on1s/7on7. This article we are going to discuss some of the essential things you can do to be successful at these camps and help you stand out to college coaches. When you are doing the combine, it is important to perform well. I personally don’t think the combine should matter as much as it does but running a good 40 time and performing well in the shuttle/vertical or broad jump can help you catch a coaches eye. And at a camp of probably 200+ kids… you need to do something to stand out. So when you prepare for a camp like this you should really train your combine exercises. Work on 40 starts, explosiveness for the broad jump/Vert and eliminating wasted motion for the mechanics of the pro shuttle. When it comes to drill work I think you won’t be surprised at the drills they will do. It will be pretty basic stuff but you need to be going through the drills 100 mph. Take every rep that you can and if there is a rep to be had, you should take it. More reps equal more opportunities to get noticed. Now last but not least, the competition period of the camp. 7on7 & 1on1s are great opportunities to make big plays and stand out. You should almost steal reps. So many kids are afraid to get embarrassed in 1on1s so they go to the back of the line. Even if you get embarrassed at least you are getting eyeballs on you. All it takes is one coach to take notice. It is all about reps and getting as many opportunities to show out.

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