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What To Focus On This Off Season

In the off season you should structure your days and your workouts accordingly. You need to focus on the areas that you need the most improvement. A lot of people tell you to focus on what you are good at but I’m going to tell you the opposite. You should touch up on your strengths as a review but you must improve the areas that will take you to that next level as a football player. For example, if you’re a WR and you are fast but run average routes, being fast won’t last forever. In college everyone is fast, everyone is big and everyone was the best player on their high school team... so you’re route running needs to get better because that’s how you will get open. If you  struggle to identify what you aren’t good at, click the link below where you can get access to a service we offer where you send in your film and I will give you a full breakdown, then I will give you a full personalized workout plan on what drills and exercises you need to do, how many times a week you need to do them and the coaching points I teach for those drills. Click the link below to checkout what we have to offer for you this off season! ⬇️⬇️

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