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What WRs Should Put On Their Highlights

1)- The first thing you should put on your highlights to stand out to college coaches is explosive touchdowns. And what I mean by that is when you turn a 3-step slant into a 60-70yd touchdown. Or when you catch a deep post downfield. That is what college coaches want to see on your highlight tape within the first 5 plays. And yes explosive plays mean showcasing your speed/explosion. So you need to be emphasizing speed work this off season.

If you need to improve your speed/explosiveness and want a 90-day WR gym workout plan with exercises to make you a much better/faster WR, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

2)- As WRs you need to also showcase tough catches on film. Often times WRs will include a play on their film where you only catch a 10yd dig with nobody around you and you get tackled at 15yds. That’s not really a highlight. They want to see you catching in traffic, winning jump balls, catching low throws, and diving catches. That stands out to them and it lets them know you are reliable.

3)- And last but not least as WRs you need to BLOCK. Especially if you are in a run heavy high school offense, blocking will earn you a spot on a college roster over someone who can’t block. So include maybe 1-5 big blocking plays in your tape. If you can’t block you can’t play at the next level so college coaches are looking for physical WRs.

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