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When To Change Speeds On Your Route

When it comes to the speed of your routes I commonly teach always going 100mph. Now I have gotten this question a lot, when is the right time to change the speed of your route. I think there are times for it and there aren’t times for it. In the era of 7on7 and 1on1s, timing doesn’t really matter, but when you get to real football it does. And that’s when you see guys running a dig or a post and doing that high step thing to slow down and throw the DBs speed off. Now that’s great and all when the QB has a long time to throw. But when he doesn’t and you’re messing around with the speed of your route it screws the timing up. The only scenario I think you can change your speed on is a fade, comeback or curl. Because obviously changing the speed gets the DB to slow down on a fade and it’s so essential to sell fade on a curl or comeback. Slowing down then kicking up into 2nd gear gets that DB to over commit to the vertical. Then that’s when you can snap it down. Those are, in my opinion, the only times you can change your speed up on the route without screwing up the timing. 

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