Where Confidence Comes From

I think the main thing for athletes, when it comes to confidence, is being able to ignore the noise. Don’t buy into anything external. And what I mean by external is what other people say or the opinions of other people. A lot of times athletes will hear the negative talk and buy into it rather than staying true to themselves and their work ethic. If you are going to perform at a high level you need to be bulletproof.

Your internal thoughts and what you say to yourself is what will ultimately prevail. If you are constantly telling yourself what others think of you is true that will come about in your life. But if you ignore the noise and tell yourself only positive things you will see positive results. I think the game is almost 80% mental when you reach a certain level. If you can control your mind and tune out the external opinions and thoughts you will become much stronger internally. This will lead to success on the field. If you truly believe you are #1, than you need to start working like the best and thinking like the best. Don’t buy into the external opinions. The only opinion that matters is your own. And I know you all have heard that a million times and it sounds like BS, but it is the truth. What you say to yourself is what you are.

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