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Who Has Better Cleats?

Today is going to be a little different. We are just gonna talk about cleats. I have always been a huge fan of Nike, but Adidas recently had been killing it with cleats. I think Nike has more of a traditional style of cleats and that is for the older generations of football players but Adidas has more of the new style. I think the most appealing thing about Adidas is how light their cleats are. You feel like you aren’t even wearing any cleats which can be good and bad. I have heard athletes talk about how Adidas cleats give no support that’s why they wear high top Under Armor cleats or Nikes. But the knock on Under Armor cleats and Nikes are that they aren’t light enough. At least that is what I have heard. It probably depends on the athlete what style of cleats you want to wear but personally I would take speed over anything. Nike will forever be my brand but when it comes to football cleats I am an Adidas guy 100%. Shoot me a DM on any social media platform and we can talk about cleats or what pair you like the best.

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