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Why a lot of athletes quit is because they are not mentally tough. Plain and simple. If you quit because you aren’t playing or you feel like the coach is playing favorites you are not mentally tough. It’s okay to be pissed off you should be pissed off for greatness. But to sit around and complain then proceed to quit, it just proves you have a weak mind. You don’t have that dog mentality. You might claim you do but none of that matters because you quit. You should want to prove everyone wrong when your circumstances are working against you. But not a lot of people are wired that way. You should challenge yourself everyday to push yourself to the “limit”. That’s what makes you mentally tough. Not saying it 100 times in front of a mirror. Actually going out there and doing hard things. That strengthens your mind. It gives you a confidence that when some adversity like not starting or being benched hits you, you are prepared for it. You will know how to stare adversity in the face and conquer it. But if you give a poor effort everyday and only do what’s required, you’re not going to be mentally strong. You will just always be good enough. Always tough until something doesn’t go your way. Why do you think so many athletes come from the projects or from poor areas? They went through some of the hardest situations growing up, whether it’s not having enough food, no warm water etc. which made them tough to conquer anything in their path. So if you’re not in that situation, you have to create your own environments. Killing yourself everyday in the weight room, on the field etc. that will make you prepared. So don’t be mentally weak and quit. Have that dog mentality and don’t let anything break you.

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