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Why People Hate

Some people let hate get the best of them. They are afraid to put themselves out there in fear of the criticism they will receive. Criticism is a positive thing whether it is positive or negative. It will open your eyes and allow you to look in the mirror and get better. Or you can use it to fuel you which is my favorite.

Criticism allow you to see your “flaws” and correct them. If you are out working everyday like you should, people will begin to talk. Either positive or negative, but anytime you do something good, there will be hate surrounding it. That means you are doing something right. Now you can take the feedback and use it to better yourself. Or it can light a fire under you. It should motivate you. Prove

them wrong, don’t let their opinion dictate your mood or work ethic however. It is just more fuel to the fire. They will eventually get theirs. The only reason they hate is because they aren’t doing it themselves. Everyone is scared to go after things. That’s why they sit behind their keyboard and talk crap. Stay away from those people. You are better than that. Use their hate to drive you to the gym, use their doubt to do one more set or rep. Don’t let it define you but let it motivate you.

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