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Why QBs Miss Throws

A lot of QBs tell me that their accuracy is something they struggle with. We are going to discuss two ways QBs can improve their accuracy with two simple mechanic techniques. So a lot of QBs like to have their base super close together and what that does is creates a long stride. When you have a long stride the mechanics of your upper half begin to change. It is very hard to drive your hip through the ball so you have this very long release. You start to come down on the ball rather than rotate around. This creates a high release point and you can miss high. Or often times you can throw the ball straight into the ground because you don’t have any power from such a wide position. Now the way to fix this is through repetition of a wide base. Start before the throw with your feet just outside your shoulders so you are already out there to catch yourself. You won’t need to stride long and you can create more torque from your hip and rotate on the ball. You will develop a lower release and won’t miss as high. Now the second thing I want to talk about is your follow through. It’s all about “throwing darts” you need to emphasize leaving your follow through at the target. Not pulling it back. A lot of young QBs throw the ball and don’t extend their arm on the release. This causes the ball to come out wobly and out of control. Make sure you extend and are snapping down with your wrist on the release. That will help with the accuracy of your ball. Don’t sell yourself short. Rotate all the way through the throw. If QBs can focus on these two aspects their accuracy is guaranteed to improve. You will have more control on the ball and be much more balanced from your lower half witch translates to better accuracy.

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