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Why You Get Nervous Before A Game

There are a couple reasons why you get nervous before a game. I personally think it happens to everyone and the guys who are most comfortable with the nerves are the guys who show up on game day. You are nervous 1) because you don’t have the best self talk and 2) you didn’t do the work you should have. Pre game gitters/anxiety is what everyone and I mean everyone goes through. So that’s normal. But if you are nervous to the point of not performing that’s something mental. You should always have positive thoughts going through your head on game day. But that can only come if you have put the time in. Working hard all week to make sure you are prepared will give you a new breath of confidence. Hard work leads to confidence and confidence leads to good play. Don’t let the dog days of the season effect your work ethic because it will effect you on game night. Positive mindset and a good work ethic will make you a more confident player and if I’m being honest, a better player.

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