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Work Like The Greats

Tom Brady was recently on Jimmy Kimmell and they talked about how he is always working out in the off season. If the greatest football player of all time is doing that, you probably should be doing that too. He doesn’t take time off.

He talks about how even at a very high level he still tries to get better everyday. Its not just going through the motions. That is so incredible to think about. He has won 6 Super Bowls and still believes he could improve. Some of you who don’t have 6 rings don’t even work like that. And it is 100% your fault. You can always improve. I hear it all the time, “I’m good” “I don’t need to work on this”. That is essentially a middle finger to your coaches and to yourself. You should always be improving. Every single day. Brady doesn’t take time off, why should you? Maybe you don’t like working hard or it’s too difficult then obviously success isn’t for you.

If the greats are doing it, you should probably hop on and do it too.

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