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Below we will be giving you a workout that can help you avoid knee injuries on cuts and we will be discussing why athletes injure their knees on cuts. I hope this can help! 

If you are a QB or WR and would like 200+ drills all organized into categories with the exact sets/reps to do, checkout the link below! 

Often times athletes injure their knee on cuts due to a lack of strength in their lower body. They physically can’t cut at a high speed because they don’t have strong enough quads, hamstrings or gluttes to absorb force. Obviously, cutting in a mechanically correct position matters as well, but these exercises will help you cut in a mechanically correct position and still feel strong. Everyone knows they shouldn’t reach outside of their body frame when cutting (don’t strike the ground heel first), however when you cut inside of your frame (on the ball of your foot)- your cut can feel extremely weak. This workout can help you strengthen yourself in the right places to be safe. 

Exercise 1)-

Heel Elevated Goblet Squats (you want to elevate your heels because it doesn’t allow your knees to go past your toes on your squat. You have to sit back)

Exercise 2)-

RDL or (any single leg exercise for that matter) (focus on not letting your knee cave inward- we have all see the athletes who do squats and their knees almost touch- keep your shin straight)

Exercise 3)-

Split Squats (also emphasize not letting your knee cave inward & toes should not go past your toes)

Letting your knees cave in and toes go past your toes are two of the worst habits you can have when cutting and this leads to many injuries with athletes. You are essentially working on a bad habit that will not translate to a game situation.

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