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WORST MEALS For Weight Gain

Below we are going to give you some of the worst foods you can eat for weight gain and meals you want to avoid if you are trying to put on size. I hope this can help!


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Gaining weight is all about calories, protein and fueling your body properly to perform in the gym. This is how you gain weight the healthy way. A lot of people will just eat everything when trying to bulk up. You want to avoid something called empty calories. These are foods comprised of mainly sugar & cholesterol/trans fat. These foods below are some of the most common empty calorie foods that you should avoid!

  • Added sugar yougurt

  • White Bread

  • Salad Dressing

  • Granola Bars or Protein Bars

  • Donuts, Cookies, Sweets

  • Chips & other snacks that come in a wrapper

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