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WR Dynamic Warm Up Routine

Below will be a dynamic warm up routine that QBs/WRs & any athlete can use before field workouts or gym workouts. You never want to stretch first- if you stretch cold muscles that can lead to injury. You want to get some blood flowing to your muscle and that is what a dynamic warm up can do for you. I hope this helps ⬇️⬇️

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Dynamic Warm Up Routine

A Skip

4x15yds (jog 10yds after)

B Skip

4x15yds (jog 10yds after)

C Skip

4x15yds (jog 10yds after)

But Kickers

2x15yds (jog 10yds after)

High Knee Karaoka

2x20yds (face the same way)

Quick Karaoka</