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WR Dynamic Warm Up Routine

Below will be a dynamic warm up routine that QBs/WRs & any athlete can use before field workouts or gym workouts. You never want to stretch first- if you stretch cold muscles that can lead to injury. You want to get some blood flowing to your muscle and that is what a dynamic warm up can do for you. I hope this helps ⬇️⬇️

WE ARE TRAVELING TO 4 MORE STATES THIS OFF SEASON FOR QB/WR CAMPS! We are coming to Dallas TX, Nashville TN, Salt Lake City Utah & Los Angeles CA! If you guys are local to those 6 cities we would love to have you out! Spots are limited to only 10-12 per position group! 8-Hours of training total with myself and my staff! Sign up below ⬇️⬇️

Dynamic Warm Up Routine

A Skip

4x15yds (jog 10yds after)

B Skip

4x15yds (jog 10yds after)

C Skip

4x15yds (jog 10yds after)

But Kickers

2x15yds (jog 10yds after)

High Knee Karaoka

2x20yds (face the same way)

Quick Karaoka

2x5 yds (as many reps possible) (sprint 10yds)

Toy soldiers (every 3 steps)


Quad Pull (every 3 steps)


Knee Hugs (every 3 steps)


15yd Sprints (2 sets)

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