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WR Football IQ Quiz

Below will be a 3 question quiz on football IQ for WRs. We will cover reading coverages, defenders leverage and more. I hope this helps & the answers will be located at the bottom of this article.

Question 1)- How can you tell what leverage a DB has in press?

Question 2)- If you are in the slot running a corner route and it is man coverage- what kind of ball can you expect from the QB?

Question 3)- If you have a DB lined up inside shade 8-10yds off, why is he playing like that?

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Answer 1)- You can tell what leverage he has by how he is shaded. If he is shaded to the inside (midline of his body lined up with your front foot) he has inside leverage. If he’s shaded outside, he has outside leverage.

Answer 2)- Touch Throw NOT on a line. If the QB throws the ball on a line the DB can undercut it and pick it off so after the break, keep your head down and accelerate to finish.

Answer 3)- He is playing off man inside shade to protect a deeper inside route like a post or a dig. His sole purpose of inside leverage coverage is to protect the inside

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