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WR Football IQ Quiz (002)

Below we will give you a 3 question WR football IQ test- the answers will be located at the bottom of this article- I hope this helps! Q1)- Name 2 releases you can use when a DB is lined up inside shade press and you have you run a slant Q2)- In cover 2 what is the corners responsibility and what leverage will he likely have? Also, how many safeties are there? Q3)- Explain Cover 3 Answers are located at the bottom of this article If you guys would like 500+ WR gym exercises and on field drills made into an 8 week training schedule, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️ A1)- The two releases we are looking for are a diamond release & a slide release. They both attack the outside shoulder of the DB and can force him to flip his hips to a fade A2)- In cover 2, the corner is in charge of the flats and he will most likely be outside leverage. There will also be 2 high safeties. This is important to know because you can distinguish the difference between man coverage outside shade & cover 2 by the number of safeties they have. A3)- The field is broken up into deep thirds. There is 1 high safety usually (can do something like Cover 3 Cloud) and 2 corners who are 8-10yds off facing the QB. The openings of this coverage are the seams and the sideline. WE ARE TRAVELING TO 3 STATES THIS OFF SEASON FOR QB/WR CAMPS! We are coming to Nashville TN, SALT LAKE CITY UTAH & Los Angeles CA! If you guys are local to those 4 cities we would love to have you out! Spots are limited to only 10-12 per position group! 8-Hours of training total with myself and my staff! Sign up below ⬇️⬇️

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