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WR Football IQ Quiz

Below we will be asking 3 WR football IQ questions and will be providing you with the correct answers and a brief explanation at the bottom of this article. I hope this can help! 

Q1)- How would you run a post vs. inside shade press man coverage?

Q2)- How would you run a 10yd out as an outside WR vs outside shade zone coverage (DB is at 7-8yds)

Q3)- How would you run a first read slant route vs. inside shade press?

Answers will be located at the bottom

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A1)- So when a DB is lined up inside shade press, his goal is to take away the inside route. He will most likely not let you get an inside release, so you have to attack his leverage inside then take the outside release. Work to re stack the DB or if he’s running hip to hip with you, you would throw him by. DO NOT force an inside release- DB will re route you inside if he is disciplined. 

A2)- So when a DB is in outside shade, he’s only there because he has inside help. So when he’s in zone his front hip will be facing you and his eyes will be inside. A lot of guys just want to run to the blind spot, however he will just weave and keep his leverage squeezing you to the sideline. Attack the inside shoulder and force his hips to flip. The slip underneath and accelerate to the sideline.

A3)- Diamond release. This is when you take 3 hard steps to the outside shoulder of the DB to flip his hips and then slip under. You wouldn’t use a slide release or a more patient release because that would take too long and you are a first read

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