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WR Football IQ Test

Below we are going to give you an 3 question WR football IQ Quiz. Answers will be located at the bottom of this article. I hope this helps you out!


Q1)- 2 main indicators that a DB is in man coverage?

Q2)- 2 main indicators that a DB is in zone coverage? 

Q3)- What leverage will the DB have on an outside WR in Cover 2?

(Answers will be located below)

Also, if you guys would like 200+ WR drills for route running, press releases, catching and explosiveness, checkout the link below! We give you the exact sets & reps to follow and organize all of the drills into categories ⬇️⬇️

A1)- Eyes on the WR, squared up stance. He doesn’t have “skinny feet” AKA a back pedal stance. 

A2)- Eyes on the QB or #2 WR. He has skinny feet and is almost turned facing to the inside.

(Be aware DBs can disguise their coverage. DBs are very crafty and you can prepare for this by studying film and knowing a DBs tendencies.)

A3)- Outside shade/leverage. Goal is to force you inside towards his safety help 

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