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WR Football IQ Test Part 3

Below is a 3 question football IQ test for WRs to improve their knowledge of press releases. All answers will be located at the bottom of this article- I hope you enjoy! 

Q1)- When a DB is inside leverage and you have an outside breaking route- should you attack his leverage with your release? Yes or No

Q2)-When a DB is inside leverage press and you have an inside breaking route- should you attack his leverage with your release? Yes or No

Q3)- What does it mean to attack a DBs leverage in press? 

Answers located below

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A1)- Yes- when you attack his leverage that will force him to the inside to protect his leverage- which creates more space for you back outside.

A2)- Yes- when a DB is inside shade and you have a inside route you will most likely not be able to take the inside release. So attack his leverage to create space for you to release outside- then you can win at the top of the route by re stacking or throwing him by.

A3)- It means to either step at or angle your stem at the DB wherever he is lined up. If he’s shaded to the inside- that means he has inside leverage so you would attack inside to go back out 

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