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WR Gym Quiz

This is a quiz where we are going to test your knowledge as a WR in the gym. How much do you really know about athletic performance and what you can do specifically as a WR to get better. Answers will be located at the bottom of this article.

Question 1) Are doing “half squats” (only go half way- then exploding up) good for WRs to do?

Question 2) Will bench press help WRs with blocking?

Question 3) Are doing seated exercises good for WRs? Like for example seated shoulder press, seated curls etc.

If you guys would like a SPECIFIC WR gym workout schedule that you can do for 8 weeks with daily workouts for WRs to help them get faster, stronger and more explosive checkout the link below! We give you every exercise with sets/reps and an example of how to do it! ⬇️⬇️

Answer 1) Yes. Football is rarely played from a position below parallel. So when you do squats as a WR you can mix it up. You can do 1/4th squats, half squats, and full squats below parallel but you need to make sure you are emphasizing exploding on the way up. Playing WR is all about explosion.

Answer 2) NO. Bench press will not help you with blocking. Blocking does not come from your arms/chest. It comes from driving with