WR IQ Quiz Pt. 2

Located below will be a 3 question WR IQ Quiz- I hope you enjoy! 

Q1)- What kind of ball from the QB can you expect as a slot WR when you’re running a corner route vs. Cover 2? Q2)- What kind of ball from the QB can you expect as a slot WR when you’re running a corner route vs. Cover 1? Q3)- How would you run a corner route vs. outside shade press man coverage? 

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A1)- Ball will be on a line. In Cover 2 there are 2 high safeties and if a QB throws the ball with some air- it will either get picked off or you will get killed. He will throw it on a line to protect you from the safety. He will also bring you back downhill with the ball like a deep out route. 

A2)- Touch ball- since there is 1 high safety and cover 1 is a man coverage concept he doesn’t need to put it on a line. His job is to look off the middle free safety and then set his feet to you and throw it with enough air so the man coverage defender on your hip can’t undercut the ball. 

A3)- You would attack his leverage outside, so give him a fake outside, then take the inside release, now you can either stack over the top and give a move like a rocker step or if he’s running hip to hip with you, you want to throw him by to slip under. DB in outside shade press will not give up the outside release- at least a good one won’t. So take what he gives you and that is the inside release. 

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