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Below is a 3 question WR IQ test where we will quiz you on the knowledge you have on this position. Answers will be located at the bottom of this article- I hope this helps! 

Q1)- If you are an outside WR what leverage will the DB most likely have when it is Cover 2?

Q2)- When it is Cover 1, should a WR use a slower developing release or a longer developing release?

Q3)- When you are running a 10yd out- most likely will you be the 1st/2nd read or the 3rd/4th read? Why is this important to know?

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A1)- Outside leverage, In Cover 2 the DBs goal is to funnel you to his safety help which is in the middle of the field and if you are running a vertical route it allows the safety time to make a play if the DB forces you to the inside 

A2)- Quick release- when it is Cover 1 the QB is most likely getting 6-man pressure so he does not have all day to stand back there. You need to be quick with your decisions 

A3)-1st or 2nd, this is important to know because it’s how you can structure your release and Route. No QB will ever throw an out route late so you cannot spend wasted time off the line trying to set up a DB- choose a quick move and get up into the route because it is usually a timing throw for the QB 

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