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Below is a 3 question WR IQ test where we will quiz you on the knowledge you have on this position. Answers will be located at the bottom of this article- I hope this helps! 

Q1)- If you are an outside WR what leverage will the DB most likely have when it is Cover 2?

Q2)- When it is Cover 1, should a WR use a slower developing release or a longer developing release?

Q3)- When you are running a 10yd out- most likely will you be the 1st/2nd read or the 3rd/4th read? Why is this important to know?

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A1)- Outside leverage, In Cover 2 the DBs goal is to funnel you to his safety help which is in the middle of the field and if you are running a vertical route it allows the safety time to make a play if the DB forces you to the inside 

A2)- Quick release- when it is Cover 1 the QB is most likely getting 6-man pressure so he does not have all day to stand back there. You need to be quick with your decisions