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WR OFF MAN Coverage Quiz

This is a quiz on what WRs can do for 3 specific routes against off man coverage. The answers to each question will be at the bottom of this article.

“Off Man”- DB is 7-10yds off but In man coverage

Question 1: How would you run a post route vs. outside leverage off man coverage?

Question 2: How Would You Run A Dig Route vs. Inside Leverage Off Man Coverage?

Question 3: How Would You Run A 10yd Out vs inside leverage off man coverage?

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Answer 1: If you have an outside shade DB in any kind of man coverage, whether that is press coverage or off man coverage, he is playing you like that because he has safety help over the middle. He wants to force you inside to his help. So if you are running a post and just take the inside release he will force you into the safety and get on your hip. So to run the post you want to attack his leverage, if you attack a DBs leverage he will keep his leverage and weave, so this creates a bigger throwing window between the DB and the safety. This makes it much easier to run the post. So attack his leverage and give a move.

Answer 2: This is a common question we get asked and the answer is attack the outside shoulder to sell fade, get DB to flip his hips and then slip under. So if he’s inside shade he’s trying to not let you run an inside route probably because he doesn’t have safety help. So if you are thinking to attack his leverage you would be wrong. As we know from question 1, if you attack his leverage he will keep it and you will run the dig right into him. Attack outside shoulder get him to turn and slip under/throw by.

Answer 3- Now this is the type of situation where you want to attack an inside shade DBs leverage. He’s inside shade so he can force you outside. So if you attack him, he will weave then you create a ton of space to accelerate and for the QB to lead you to the sideline. Attack leverage and throw a move in this case.

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