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WR Press Coverage Quiz

Below will be a 3 question quiz on press coverage and how WRs can attack each look and structure their releases/routes. The answers will be located at the bottom of this article, I hope this helps!

Question 1)- If the DB is playing outside leverage & it is 100% man coverage what does that usually mean?

Question 2)- If the DB is lined up 2-3yds off of you (has his eyes on you) & he is inside shade/head up what type of man coverage is that?

Question 3)- If the DB is lined up inside shade press & you had to run a post Route… would you take an inside release or outside release?

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Answer 1)- The main reasons the DB would be outside shade and in man coverage really comes down to two things. He is expecting an outside breaking route and he has safety help inside. Maybe the WR cut his split down or is lined up at the top of the numbers so the DB is expecting something outside. And no DB ever will play true man to man coverage in outside leverage without help to the inside.

2)- Catch technique. This is essentially when the DB tries to “catch you” and get hands on you. He wants you to just run around him and try to avoid. So this way he can get a good jam, how we can combat this is by attacking the leverage and stepping on his toes. Then proceed to make a move to get back on your route.

3)- You would take an outside release. You will never be able to take an inside release when the DB has inside leverage unless he is a bum. The sole reason he is inside shade is to protect the inside and not let you go there. So you need to get comfortable running inside routes with an outside release. You either work to re stack or you throw him by at the break point and slip under.

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