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WR Press Release Chart

Below is a “chart” that we have made that describes each kind of DBs leverage and what press release you should use for each look based on the routes you are running. I hope you enjoy!

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Inside Shade Press- Inside Breaking Route. ( if he is lined up inside shade press he will not give up the inside release. So you would want to attack his leverage and take the outside release. Either work to throw by at the top or re stack. You could use a single jab move inside, an “out-in double tap release” or even a split release.

Outside Breaking Route( so if he is inside shade and you are running an out, comeback, corner etc. you would want to attack his leverage inside as well so you could either re stack or lean into him at the top of the break. So the same types of releases would work against this look with an outside breaking Route just the top of the route would change.

Outside Shade Press- Inside Breaking Route ( So this is very similar to an outside breaking Route vs inside shade press. You would just want to hold his leverage so you could re stack or lean at the top of the route. So using a release like a wide step, triple step, and split release would all work. You do not want to just run inside though because he’s outside shade to force you to his safety help. If you just run you will be covered)

Outside Breaking Route ( so he’s not giving to give up the outside route because he has safety help inside, so we want to attack him with a quick outside move like a wide step, triple step or split release. This is so we can get him to flip his hips and either snap down under him or re stack and give the QB space to lead me)

Head Up Press- Inside or Outside Breaking Route( this is probably the easiest press coverage because anything could work. My favorite release in this situation is a split release but you have a “2-way go”. AKA can release inside or outside. You can react off of how he plays you or you can set him up with a move you like. For example a wide step release or a double tap release)