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WR Press Release Multiple Choice Test

This is a multiple choice test for WRs on their press release game. This will test your knowledge of DBs and when to use specific press releases. The answers will be located at the bottom of this article, I hope this helps!

Question 1)- If the play concept is an RPO, and you are running the slant that is a part of the read, what release would you use?

A)- Wide step release, need to go right now

B)- Diamond Release

C)- Slide Release

Question 2)- If a DB is lined up inside shade and you are running a comeback route what release would you use off the line?

A)- speed release outside, go right now

B)- Attack his leverage with a quicker move

C)- Attack his leverage with a more patient move

Question 3) If you have a DB in head up press and you are running a post route, which release would you probably take?

A)- Inside Release

B)- Outside Release

C)- Depends on what the DB does because we will attack him and close space

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Question 1)- C.

On an RPO slant it is a little bit longer developing so you can take your time on this release. The QB has to do a full play action fake if he even ends up throwing you the ball. Be patient on this release.

Question 2)- B.

You want to attack his leverage but you want to be quick with the movement. A comeback is a longer developing route but it is a timing route. To maintain timing with your QB off the line you need to get into the route fast

Question 3)- C.

Preferably on a post route you would like the inside release but sometimes releases are about reacting. You close the distance with the DB and he jumps inside, suddenly the inside release is not open. You need to be able to react.

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