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WR Press Release Test

This is a 3 question test on WR press releases. We are going to test your knowledge of different releases, the technique behind the and more! I hope you enjoy- answers will be located at the bottom of this article 

Q1)- What type of release (doesn’t need to be specific)  would you use if you were running an RPO slant? Q2)- Is a “wide step” release with your front foot or back foot? Q3)- True or False- In press your hands should be crossed so you can combat a DB easier 

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A1)- You would use a more patient release like a slide release or hesi release. An RPO is a longer developing play rather than a quick game slant where the QB just catches and fires. So you have to time your release up with the play. 

A2)- Back foot- you step with your back foot to the outside of the DB (towards the sideline)

A3)- False. Hands should not be crossed- if a DB puts his hands right in your chest you have to open up your hands then try to fight them- which is wasted motion. Have your hands in a relaxed position but DO NOT cross them. 

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