WR & QB Football IQ Test

Below we will be giving you a 3 question football IQ test for QBs & WRs on reading defenses & coverages. I hope you enjoy! All of the answers will be located at the bottom of this article

Q1)- What is the difference between Cover 2 & Cover 4 safeties?

Q2)- What is the difference between Cover 3 & Cover 1?

Q3)- What is Cover 6?

If you guys would like 500+ videos on how to read defenses where we give an audio and video breakdown of each coverage & how to beat it, checkout the link below! ⬇️


A1)- In cover 4, the safeties are sitting at 7-8yds in a squatted/squared stance- they are in run support. In Cover 2 the safeties are at about 10-12 and they have a skinny back pedal stance because they need to drop deep in order to guard the deep half of the field 

A2)- Cover 3 is a zone coverage concept where there is 1 high safety and the two corners have the other 2 deep thirds of the field. They are usually 7-8yds off of the WR and bailing. Cover 1 is a single high safety concept similar to Cover 3, but everyone underneath is in man coverage. The one free safety roams back there and reads the QBs eyes.

A3)- Cover 6 is when one side of the field is in Cover 4 & the other side is in Cover 2

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