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WR Quiz On Zone Coverage

Below will be a 3 question quiz on zone coverage and how WRs can recognize it and organize their routes accordingly. I hope you enjoy, all answers will be located at the bottom of this article

Question 1)- Name 2 Key Things involving a DBs stance/body language that dictates he is in zone coverage

Question 2)- Can A DB line up right in front of you on the line of scrimmage if he is in Cover 3 or Cover 4?

Question 3)- If you are an outside WR and you are facing a DB 7-8yds off in zone and you need to run a 10yd post where do you want to attack with your route?

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Answer 1)- DBs eyes are on the QB and he is in skinny feet/ back pedal stance.

Answer 2)-Yes this would be called press bail, usually see this from more skilled DBs. This is when DBs will walk down to show press then on the snap they get into their pedal to their zone. Through film study WRs should be prepared for this. When studying a team that you are going to play, you need to chart how often DBs play certain coverages so you are prepared for any look in an actual game.

Answer 3)- If a DB is facing the QB and he is in zone, but you have an inside route like a post… you want to attack the DBs blind spot. (Spot between DBs back and the sideline) If you attack his blind spot and can threaten vertical that will widen him outside because in zone his main goal is to not get beat deep. If you had a route like a comeback you wouldn’t attack the blind spot. You would attack inside shoulder then snap the route off in the blind spot.

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