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WR Reading Defenses Test

Below is a 3 question test for WRs on reading defenses. We discuss different pre snap looks that you need to be ready for in an actual game. I hope you enjoy, answers will be located at the bottom of this article!

Question 1)- When a DB has outside shade in press, what does that usually mean about the coverage?

Question 2)- What routes will work well against a cover 3 defense from the outside WR position?

Question 3)- What routes will work from the slot against a Cover 2 defense?

Answers located below ⬇️

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Answer 1) A DB will never play straight man coverage outside leverage without safety help. So if you walk out to the line and you see he’s outside shade and pressed, we know that he has help to the inside. Might be Cover 1 robber or a 2 man coverage.

Answer 2) Comebacks, stop routes, out routes, hitches, & quick outs. Cover 3 the job of the corner is to bail and protect deep third. So nothing deep will work. But short routes will, however since they usually have 8 guys in the box, inside routes like slants or digs will not work.

Answer 3) In cover 2 the safeties are bailing and protecting the deep halves of the field. So the middle is open. So out of the slot, Routes like posts, benders, digs etc. will all work.

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