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WR Route Running Quiz

Below I am going to give you 3 questions on WR Route Running. The answers will be at the bottom of this but please do not cheat, try to answer each question first then look for the answers towards the bottom to check your work. That is how you get better, test yourself.

When you run a comeback route, what foot should you snap down with? Inside foot or outside toot?

What is a rocker step?

What are the ONLY two routes that you can use a slide release on?

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1- Answer: you should snap down with your inside foot on a comeback route. If you snap down with your outside foot you are automatically creating more steps for yourself. And NO you CANNOT get out of the route in 2-steps. Anybody who tries that slows down before the route. It is either 3 or less when it’s an actual comeback route. So snap with the inside foot because that can allow you to get out of the break in 3 steps but also it allows you to get your hips turned quicker down the 45 degree angle of the route.

2-Answer: A rocker step is ONLY USED at the top of the route. A lot of people use the word “rocker step” wrong. A rocker step is a double cut at the top of the route. For example you are on the right side and you’re running a post. Normally you just break off of your right foot, but you go left then right at the break to sell the outside. People think that anytime you do a double cut it’s a rocker step. Not true. Off the line it’s considered a double tap or double up. Not a rocker step

3- Answer: Slant and fade route. If you try to use a slide release on like a dig route or a post route, you will lose timing with the QB. It takes way too long.