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WR Route Running Quiz

Below is a 3 question quiz on how WRs should run routes vs different coverage looks, the answers will be located at the bottom of this article. I hope you enjoy!

Q1)- How would you run a fade route vs inside shade off man coverage? 

Q2)- How would you run a 10yd speed out vs outside shade zone coverage? (DB is sitting at 7-8yds)

Q3)- How would you run a quick 3 step slant vs inside shade press coverage?

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A1)- You would attack his leverage and step on his toes- head fake inside then accelerate to the outside.

A2)- You would attack his inside shoulder- force a hip flip by selling fade- then slip under him/throw by. Most people think you would want to attack his blind spot but he is outside leverage to prevent you from going outside. If you attack outside he will just widen and keep his leverage and give you no space for the QB to throw.

A3)- Diamond release- you wouldn’t use a slower release like a slide release because it is a QUICK slant. A slower developing slant like an RPO, you can use a slower developing release. 

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