WR Term Quiz

Below I am going to give you a 3 question quiz on some WR terms that you NEED TO KNOW. The answers will be located at the bottom of this article. I hope this helps!

Question 1)- What does it mean to “get skinny” on your route stem?

Question 2)- What does it mean when I say “keep a good pad level” on your stem?

Question 3)- What does it mean when I say “trigger step”?

(Answers are located below)

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Answer 1)- When someone says “get skinny” that means to re stack or to lean into the defender. For example if you have an inside shade press DB and you’re running a corner with an outside release, if you just run away from him you’re not giving the QB enough space to throw you open. If you work to re stack or to get hip to hip with the DB AKA getting skinny, you will create more space for the QB to lead you and you may be able to get some separation with a move

Answer 2)- When someone says “keep a good pad level” that means not raising up before you make a break. So many WRs right before they snap down, make a speed cut etc. raise their chest up because they are preparing for a break. All this will do is slow you down. Keep the same “pad level” throughout the entire route.

Answer 3)- A trigger step is something you use when you snap down on a curl, comeback, dig or stop route. It’s like the first step when you snap down. For example if you are running a comeback and the depth of the route is “4 inside steps” that means your 4th inside step, 8th step total, is the trigger step and that is when you snap down.

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