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WR Weight Room Workout Split

Below we are going to discuss what muscle groups and aspects of your game you can work in the gym on a weekly basis (7-days). I hope you enjoy!

Also if you guys would like a more detailed workout plan with all of the EXACT exercises listed you need to be doing with sets, reps and an example, for 3 months… checkout the link below ⬇️⬇️

Monday- Upper Body (explosion emphasis)

Grip Strength Work

Core Work

Tuesday- Leg Work (explosive emphasis)

Balance Exercises

Core Stability Work (like planks)

Wednesday- Field Workout Day (sprints etc.)

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- Upper Body (explosion emphasis)

Grip Strength Work

Core Work

Saturday- Lower Body (explosion emphasis)

Balance Workouts

Core Stability Work

Sunday- Rest Day

WE ARE TRAVELING TO 5 STATES THIS OFF SEASON FOR QB/WR CAMPS! We are coming to Columbus OH, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Nashville TN & Los Angeles CA! If you guys are local to those 6 cities we would love to have you out! Spots are limited to only 10-12 per position group! 8-Hours of training total with myself and my staff! Sign up below ⬇️⬇️

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