You Care More About Followers

It’s all good if you want a big following on social media. I do too. But if that becomes a priority over the actual work that needs to happen... you are wrong.

If you think a big social media is going to get you recruited, it won’t. If you can’t play but you have a lot of followers you still won’t get an offer. You have to be able to ball out. If you can play, that will get you recruited not having thousands of followers. Colleges would actually prefer you to only have a little. It brings less attention to you and less attention to any dumb things that you post which refelects on them. And P.S If you buy followers, people can tell. When you get like 40 likes and you have 10k followers... everyone in the country knows what you did. The “fame” and attention will come with time. If you can ball out at the collegiate level, you’re gonna wish you didn’t even have social media. So many people will be trying to pull at you. Focus on that first. Followers and attention are not everything. Especially on Instagram, no college coach gets their recruiting done on Instagram. On Twitter it’s a different story. A Twitter you should definitely have because that helps with the process, but a coach isn’t gonna say “wait let’s look at his followers”. He’s gonna want to know if you can play and if you are not an idiot. Fact. He COULD CARE LESS how many followers or likes you get. And at the end of the day, he is the only one you should be trying to impress because that is your future.

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