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When you are a young QB you have to know your role on the team but you should still have the competitive fire any guy competing for a job should have. If you have prepared to be the starter and feel you deserve that spot, there are a couple things you must do. If you come into a varsity locker room and there is a Junior QB and a Senior QB ahead of you, don’t get discouraged. That doesn’t mean anything. Everyone gets the same 24 hours to put in the work. How bad do you actually want it? If I was in that situation, I would go into the first few days of practice and observe what those guys do. See how hard they work and see what they do in the weight room. Then I would double whatever work they did. Let’s say they stayed after practice for an hour throwing routes, I would double it and throw for 2. Watches 2 hours of film, id watch 4. This might seem like a lot but how bad do you actually want it? Being the young guy means you have to work 10x harder than everyone else if you even want a shot at playing. Your mindset shouldn’t be beating those guys out, you should be putting in the work to put your team in the best position to win. That’s how you take over a starting job. Don’t go in their super cocky thinking you’re the man because you can throw a ball. You will lose the team, which means you lose the job. Be confident in your preparation and work ethic. Be a team guy first and you will get your chance.

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