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4 Week Daily Field Schedule With Sets, Reps and Workout Splits


1 Hour & 15 Minute Video Breaking Down Each Drill & Explaining The Importance


Routes To Practice Each Day vs. Man Coverage & Zone Coverage


Drills To Emphasize Press Releases, Route Running, Hands, Balance, and Explosiveness



This is a digital download document that will be sent to you upon purchase. It will contain our ON FIELD WR WORKOUT PLAN 2.0 This is the second version of our on field WR workout series. It contains more advanced exercises designed to help your route running, press releases, hands, explosiveness, and football IQ improve. We break down all of the drills/routes into a daily schedule with specific workout splits, sets/reps and rest periods we would like you to work. For each day of the plan we will include a 1 HOUR AND 15 MINUTE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO that explains each drill, the importance of each drill and shows a full speed example. This is one of our best programs we have to offer and will help you make big gains in your overall game as a WR! Thank you for your consideration and I hope this brings you some value. 

28 Day ON FIELD WR Workout Plan 2.0

$100.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
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