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This is a digital download product, upon purchase you will be emailed a link containing our 28 DAY QB GYM PROGRAM 3.0 This is a more advanced version of our QB Training Program Version 1 & version 2. It contains specific exercises to improve your shoulder mobility, core strength, leg strength, balance, stability, explosiveness and overall performance on the field. This works on the same key areas as the first and second QB training program we developed on this site but will help you improve at a much faster and more intense rate. The workouts become much harder, more intense and will greatly effect your performance on the field. This product is perfect for anyone who has already completed our first and second QB gym program and wants to continue at a much more advanced rate. Also this product is perfect for anyone who just feels they want to challenge themselves for 28 days and are already at an advanced level. Thank you for your consideration and I hope this brings you value! 


28 Day QB Gym Plan 3.0 (Advanced)

$60.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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