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This is a digital download document that will be emailed to you upon purchase with a 28 Day WR Gym Workout Plan (3.0-Advanced). This is our 3rd version of our WR gym workout plan series and this is the most advanced grouping of workouts we have to offer. Each day of the plan is broken down into specific workout splits naming each exercise, the amount of sets/reps, rest periods & picture examples of the more complicated exercises. Playing the WR position is all about explosiveness, power, speed and obviously strength. All of those bases will be covered in this plan, but mainly it will help you with on field performance. We include specific gym exercises to help with your route running, press releases, hands, balance and more! The workouts will help build ankle and knee stability, core strength, hip explosion and fast twitch muscle fibers. Thank you for your consideration and I hope this brings you some value! 

28 Day WR Gym Plan 3.0 (Advanced)

$60.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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