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Upon purchase a digital document will be emailed to you. In this digital download document you will receive a 4 week long speed gym workout plan. We will give you the exact exercises to do to build your speed in the gym, the exact sets & reps to follow & the exact rest time to follow.


In this 4 week plan, all exercises are designed to improve your fast twitch muscle fibers, ankle stability, balance, leg strength and ability to produce power. This workout plan was designed by our Speed & Agility Coach Dylan Ramirez. Coach Dylan is a former D1 Rugby player and football player. He is First Down Training’s current speed coach and he travels the country to work with thousands of athletes each year. For some more background on Coach Dylan, checkout this link below


Thank you for your consideration and we hope this program can bring you some value! 


$60.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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